360 Video Production

With time, people want more out of their videos. 360 videos can help meet those expectations as they bring the real-world experience right in front of the viewer.

Everything from virtual reality to product launch can utilize 360 videos to showcase every nook cranny and corner of your focused object and emphasize their credibility even more.

Our team has the right camera and sound setup, more than enough experience, and the right amount of passion to bring your vision in front of the world, in 360.

Our Process

  • We start storyboarding the complete video so we know how to approach the actual video while producing it.
  • Composing for a 360 video can be a challenge for many, but not for us. We have years of experience and can composite all the scenes with 360 aspects in mind.
  • Similarly, lighting is a big issue in 360 videos because of the uncanny angles that need to be covered. But worry not, our experts know how to handle that too.
  • We can also add motion graphics to the 360 videos. It can help raise your production value and impress your clients even more.
  • Once everything visual is dealt with, we focus on sound design. Unlike regular videos, sound design for 360 videos has to encompass the feeling of 3D, and that’s exactly what we bring to the table.
  • In the end, you have a perfectly stitched 360 video that can inspire anyone to take the desired action.

Wanna know more about 360 videos and how they can help bring business?

360 Video Production