About Learning Reality Technologies

As our name suggests, we’re a company that has combined Learning, Reality, and Technology to provide bespoke solutions to our clients.

These solutions include virtual courses that can help a company boost its retention rate, augmented reality training solutions that can enhance teamwork, and the latest tech that can propel your business forward financially and technically.

Our Story

When we started out, we knew that we had to bring something new to the table. Otherwise, we’d become yet another one of those “riding the wave” companies.

That’s why we shifted our focus on providing VR and AR solutions to our local businesses to help them grow. Our initial goal was to become a household name that provides the best services at the most affordable rates – and we think we’ve achieved that.

Starting from medium-sized businesses, we’ve slowly but steadily made our way to the top. Now we’re working with big industries and providing our services on a whole other level than before. Our core team remains the same, but we’re constantly adding new members to our tech family.

Our Mission

From the very beginning, our mission has been to become a reliable name in the VR and AR industry. We’re working on this by providing unique solutions to corporations from all industries and making connections along the way.

Still, Why Us?

We know that you want to know what’s in it for you?

It’s simple. We help cut the costs, develop new training courses, and expand on the already available stuff, so you get the best solutions at the most affordable rates.

We never put any extra burden on our clients and ensure that they get the best solutions within the agreed-upon time and budget.

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