Get Remote Visual Support & Assistance From Experts!

Save time, resources, and money while improving productivity and achieving a competitive advantage.

You are wasting time, resources, and money on in-person inspections…

As soon as a critical equipment or machine breaks down, disrupting work, you call in a technician to inspect, diagnose, and fix the issue, right?

After all, you are stuck, strapped for choice, and the downtime is negatively impacting your bottom line.

What if there was another way? An effective solution you could count on!

Enter LRT Assistance by Learning Reality Technologies. It offers live remote visual support and assistance directly from experts.

Now solve any and all problems at hand quickly and effectively, making sure your business runs smoothly.

No more unnecessary site visits, long, frustrating delays, and burning your hard-earned money.

Unparalleled Benefits Of LRT Assistance

Save Money

Delivering a high ROI, LRT Assistance has proven to reduce costs and boost productivity. Save an average of 5-6 site visits and $3000 every single month.

Save Time

With quality remote visual support available instantly, you no longer have to wait for technicians to come onsite and solve issues holding you back.

Scale Your Business, Easily!

With our SaaS deployment model, you can easily expand your customer base and onboard new clients without worrying about setting up any new systems or processes in places.

Offer Amazing User Experience

LRT Assistance offers a delightful experience. Now you are just a click away from your very own support team available round the clock.

Create Brand Affinity

By providing prompt and effective solutions to your customers, you’ll turn them into fans and advocates. Isn’t that just what you want?

Enjoy Enhanced Features

From advanced reporting and analytics to enterprise-grade security and seamless integrations, LRT Assistance

4 simple and easy steps to using LRT assistance!

To connect with your client, simply send them an invite via email or text. No downloads or installations are required, and they can start using the platform right away.

Your client enters the unique code, and you are instantly on a video call with them. You can use the snap tool to annotate, draw, and make notes directly on the call without interrupting the conversation

If the problem at hand is such that it requires a visit to their location, you’ll have all the information you need upfront to come prepared and solve the issue promptly.

In more complex cases, you can use LRT’s advanced AR technology with AR glasses. The headset allows you to better collaborate with colleagues, leading to quicker resolution.

LRT Assistance Serves A Wide Range Of Industries!

Equipment Repairs


Power & Utilities


Oil & Gas



Life Sciences

Site Survey



Home Appliances

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